Revitalize Damaged, Aging Skin with Microneedling

Revitalize Damaged, Aging Skin with Microneedling

Feeling like your skin could use a little pick-me-up? Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, can work wonders for your troubled complexion and reverse years of damage that’s plaguing your skin. Here’s everything you need to know about this restorative treatment with Dr. Robb at Tennessee’s Skin & Allergy Center.

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Body-Contouring Options for Every Body

Body-Contouring Options for Every Body

Dr. Robb knows that every body is unique, and what’s good for some may not be as effective for others. That’s why he is pleased to offer a wide variety of body-contouring solutions to fit your particular needs and goals. During your personal consultation, Dr. Robb will present you with a full assessment and individualized plan to best address your specific situation.

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Get Ready For Summer With Laser Hair Removal!

Get Ready For Summer With Laser Hair Removal!

Winter is finishing up and for many that means pulling out the razor or waxing kits. If that makes you cringe, our team of aesthetic professionals at the Skin & Allergy Center may have an alternative route to smooth, touchable skin that may interest you! Laser hair removal helps men and women remove unwanted body hair without the hassle of pain, nicks, ingrown hairs, or cuts.

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Do I Have a Pet Allergy?

pet allergy

The last thing you want to happen when your furry friend comes up to greet you is uncontrollable sneezing, watering eyes, and an incoming itchy throat. Pet allergies are fairly common, with 30 percent of Americans having a cat or dog allergy. We know just the idea of having a pet allergy may be concerning and even surprising for many, but our whole team at the Skin and Allergy Center understand that allergies are very complex, and we are proud to offer a number of solutions to help you live with your pet allergy.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation: The diVa™ Difference

Vaginal Rejuvenation: The diVa™ Difference

Vaginal rejuvenation doesn’t have to mean vaginal surgery. Gone are the days when the only option to revitalize yourself after major events like childbirth and menopause was to go under the knife. Innovations in laser science have now made it easier for women to quickly restore healthy vaginal function without the need for surgery or downtime. diVa’s hybrid fractional laser technology allows for a comfortable and personalized experience—and many of our clients at the Skin & Allergy Center are starting to notice the diVa difference!

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Heavenly Skin by Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

Heavenly Skin by Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

It’s time to say goodbye to skin damage and signs of aging and give a big welcome to smooth, heavenly youthful skin. We know that each and every one of our Tennessee clients wants the best for their skin, which is why the Halo™ hybrid fractional laser is such a hit at the Skin & Allergy Center. We truly believe that Halo is doing more than giving men and women great skin, it is also restoring confidence and positive self-image at the same time.

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Where Liposuction Meets Lasers: ProLipo™ Fat Reduction

skin allergy_prolipo_september

Almost everyone has an area on their body where stubborn fat refuses to leave. For many of us, the stomach loves to hold onto those last few pounds. Or perhaps the fat on the legs won’t budge no matter how hard you try. Regardless of where your trouble spots might be, the repercussions of living with excess fat can lead to frustration and a lower self-esteem. At the Skin & Allergy Center, we understand you may have tried everything, from eating well to working out to intense diets, with little to no luck. Luckily, the innovative ProLipo by Sciton® uses two fan-favorite methods of fat removal, lasers and liposuction, to help reduce fat from the body.  Continue reading “Where Liposuction Meets Lasers: ProLipo™ Fat Reduction” »

3 Reasons Why You Should Give Microneedling A Try

Men and women alike struggle with their skin. Once scarring and wrinkles appear, it’s easy to get discouraged and believe that this damage is around to stay. However, skin damage is about to meet its match: microneedling! Dr. Robb at the Skin & Allergy Center offers microneedling treatments for his Tennessee patients who are looking to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and improve the overall quality of their skin.

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Tighten Skin Virtually Everywhere


Tighten those problem areas of loose skin without surgery—sounds too good to be true, right? Our team at the Skin and Allergy Center in Tennessee is here to turn you all into believers that loose skin can be effectively addressed without having to undergo surgery. Sagging skin is a very common concern many people face as they age, but just as many don’t realize that there are non-invasive ways to tighten up the skin in as little as an hour. The Skin and Allergy Center offers SkinTyte II to men and women seeking to address skin laxity without missing too much time from their busy schedules.

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Hey Hot Lips

Robb, Lips - Image
From an old Hollywood Bridgette Bardot, to a seductively full-lipped Angelina Jolie, and most recently, teen trendsetter Kylie Jenner—voluminous lips have always been enviable. Unfortunately, for most, lusciously full lips do not come naturally. More than ever, women are seeking out cosmetic enhancement to help them achieve a fuller, shapelier pout. With the help of dermal fillers, Dr. Chris Robb and our aesthetic team at Skin & Allergy Center can help define the size and shape of your lips.
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